Advice for potential suppliers to Sofia

Information that may be useful for suppliers trying to enter the offshore wind sector and those looking to boost their opportunities.



  • Be aware of the broader sector: participate in industry events, join local clusters and industry groups.

  • Know where you sit within the supply chain: identify your customers - are they developers like Sofia, Tier 1 suppliers or others within the supply chain? Establish who will issue the relevant invitations to tender (ITTs).

  • Identify who you need to talk to: find the right people within a project/organisation.  

  • Be aware of project timelines: understand timescales for tender activities and opportunities.

  • Register your company details on supply chain directories like Sofia's.

  • Where information is provided to potential customers – pitch yourself in the right way, be clear and concise.

  • Anticipate future market needs (floating, far from shore, digital) & shape your offering accordingly.


  • Respond to pre-qualification requests in a timely manner.

  • Cross-check that your response provides all requested data such as financial accounts.

  • If the pre-qualification requests are not clear then send a clarification asking for details. Be sure to communicate.

  • Where appropriate, use the pre-qualification response as an opportunity to show-off the capabilities of your company.

  • Tailor your response to the specific opportunity.

Invitation to Tender response

  • Thoroughly review the ITT to ensure a good understanding of the tender documents.

  • Raise any clarifications ASAP after receipt of an ITT.

  • State clearly any assumptions made that relate to your tender response.

  • Ensure that departures to specifications are made in the correct place.

  • Respond to all tender returnable schedules with requested data.

  • Be clear on price breakdown and payment plans.

  • Check and check again before issuing your response.