Supplier Portal

Sofia will need competent, innovative and experienced suppliers to take the project from plans to reality. This portal gives you the opportunity to register your company's interest, search for suppliers, find out about contracting opportunities and read case studies of existing Sofia suppliers.


All potential suppliers who have registered their details with the Sofia Supplier Database can be found here. If you are looking for goods or services related to the project, please follow this link to the search function.


Sofia and our Tier 1 Contractors are committed to the development and growth of a competitive UK supply chain. To support this a series of supply chain webinars is underway to showcase contract opportunities during construction. The first three webinars were run on July 6 (Van Oord), 7 (GE's Grid Solutions and Sembcorp Marine) and 8 (Prysmian) but you can view them via the recordings below.

The next webinar will be:

  • September 13 – Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy – turbine supplier. This event will introduce the packages, with a second event with specific contract opportunities to follow in 2022. Details on how to book will be published closer to the date.


Episode 1: Van Oord

Van Oord will be looking for support for the packages listed here. To watch the webinar click the link below.

Foundations - goods and support services: concrete structures (main access platform); secondary steel; cathodic protection; barges and tugs; marshalling ports; davit cranes; offshore communication system, and structural health monitoring system.

Array cables - goods and support services: cable protection systems; cable hang-offs; testing & termination works; transportation and logistics services for array cables; connectors; fibre optic patch panels, and cable cleats

Transport, vessels, lifting & logistics: mobile cranes, self-propelled modular transport, concrete support blocks; lifting equipment & tools; CTVs and SOV plus sea freight; gas/fuel & offshore temporary power; port agents & wharfage, and logistics & parcel services.

Site related: temporary site infrastructure - fencing, lighting & utilities; welfare/storage facilities, security & waste removal; civil works & site machinery, and temporary site office / portacabins.

General - goods and support services: accommodation - hotels and serviced apartments; office supplies (stationery and IT); PPE; mechanical & electrical consumables, and signage / branded merchandise.

Episode 1: Van Oord

Episode 2: GE's Grid Solutions & Sembcorp Marine

GE's Grid Solutions and Sembcorp Marine will be looking for support for the packages listed here. To watch the webinar click the link below.

Onshore converter station: 400kV AC cable civil works & erection; civil works design and activities including site machinery, mechanical and electrical personnel

Building services: temporary site office, portacabins, fire protection

Temporary site infrastructure: fencing, lighting and utilities

Welfare/storage facilities: security/CCTV, waste removal and cleaning

Construction materials: Type 1 stone, 6F2 stone fill, Geotextile and clean stone chippings; precast foundations, Tarmacadam and palisade fence; bunds, fire walls and floor slab; building steelwork and cladding, and manholes, drainage pipes

Electrical: surge arresters, resistors, reactors, cubicles, control boxes, connectors, steel structures, ACDC auxiliary services, HV-MV-LV cables.

Support services: Accommodation - hotels; office supplies (stationery and IT); PPE; mechanical and electrical consumables, and signage / branded merchandise.

Offshore converter station: Onshore / offshore logistics; warehousing and local logistics; marine transportation, sea freight & services, and customs clearance management

Episode 2: GE's Grid Solution and Sembcorp Marine

Episode 3: Prysmian

Prysmian will be looking for support for the packages listed here. To watch the webinar click the link below.

  • Pre-lay survey
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Boulder clearance
  • Route clearance/Pre-lay grapnel run (RC/PLGR)
  • Mattressing
  • Shore end works
  • Pulling at platform
  • Cable protection system (CPS)
  • Rock dumping
  • Guard vessel(s)
  • Crew transfer vessels (CTV) and or heli-service
  • Onshore installation
Episode 3 Prysmian


Sofia has signed contracts with suppliers for each of the key components of the wind farm. Most of the supply chain opportunities for the wind farm's construction will be through these Tier 1 (and their Tier 2) suppliers:


Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will supply 100 of its new state-of the-art 14MW machines to the project. It will be the first offshore wind farm in the world to use these turbines.

HVDC transmission system

A consortium of GE's Grid Solutions and Sembcorp Marine has carried out early works and will supply the two HVDC converter stations - one onshore and one offshore - and the offshore converter platform.  

Submarine and land export cables

Prysmian Group will provide a turn-key high voltage submarine and land export cable connection, including use of brand-new cable installation vessel Leonardo da Vinci and innovative cable technology.

Foundations and array cables

Van Oord will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of both the monopile foundations and array cables for the project. Through its UK branch MPI Offshore, Van Oord will create a logistics hub on the North East to deliver the comprehensive scope of work.


View tips for existing and potential suppliers to Sofia Offshore Wind Farm from the Sofia procurement team here.