Sofia publishes new project video

Our latest video documents the arrival of the transformers to the onshore converter station, and explains their role in providing renewable energy from the wind turbines to the national energy network.

  • 08 April 2024

New Sofia video celebrates arrival of transformers to the onshore converter station

On four Saturdays across October and November 2023, four transformers arrived at Sofia’s onshore converter station. The transformers are a key piece of the OCS, as they change the voltage of the electricity generated at the wind farm, making it suitable for the national grid.

Over the winter, our team documented the transformers' arrival, and spoke with leading staff members about their significance.

Onshore converter station site manager Matthew Archer said “This is a major milestone in the project, as it marks the start of the installation of the electrical equipment. From here, my team and I can progress the works needed to take the energy generated by the offshore wind farm and connect it into the national grid. It’s hugely exciting to take this important step closer to completion.”

The Sofia Offshore Wind Farm is a flagship project for RWE. Once operational, it will generate enough clean energy to power 1.2million homes, helping the UK reach its renewable energy targets.

RWE is a leading partner in the delivery of the UK’s clean energy transition, with several more offshore wind farms in our UK development pipeline.

As we celebrate the arrival of the transformers with this video, we look forward to a future powered by clean, renewable energy.

You can see the full video on the project video gallery.