Sofia and Dogger Bank C submit joint planning application

  • 21 July 2020

Joint planning application submitted to Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

A planning application has been submitted jointly by Sofia and Dogger Bank C proposing some minor changes to the consented onshore works, including routing of the onshore cables and to the number and location of temporary construction compounds (and their accesses).

Sofia and Dogger Bank C are owned by different companies so even though their onshore infrastructure is adjoining, they have different construction approaches and programmes. Due to geographical proximity, both projects aim to work jointly and cooperatively wherever feasible on the onshore works section. 

In preparation for onshore export cable construction, the project teams have worked together to improve the design and layout, taking into account recent changes to housing development plans. Therefore some alternatives to the consented corridor are being sought, comprising some minor re-routing of the cable route, changes to some of the temporary construction compounds and associated temporary access points.

The proposed alterations require planning approval and a planning application has now been submitted to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (RCBC). The application relates to five areas of the onshore cable route and ancillary works shown in this plan with the proposed alternatives. It includes: nine associated temporary construction compounds; a haul road; five temporary site accesses; construction of a retaining wall, and reprofiling of an existing bund with surplus spoil. 

The full planning application documents can now be viewed here and also on the RCBC website and Dogger Bank C website.