Set to start in 2021 with onshore works. 2020 will see comprehensive site investigation surveys to gather data to form the basis for the project’s final design.


Construction on Sofia is set to begin in early 2021, with the programme dependent on the project’s final design. Throughout 2020 the Sofia team will carry out final site investigation surveys to form the basis for the refined design. Sofia will also work on the programme with its main contractors, once appointed. A major procurement process is now underway to select the contractors to supply and install the key components, and the project’s long-term port location for operations & maintenance.



Both onshore and offshore surveys have been integral to the development of Sofia, since early environmental impact assessment work to inform the original development consent application.

In 2020, in the lead up to construction and to finalise the wind farm design, a comprehensive six-month offshore site investigation was launched. Comprising geophysical and geotechnical surveys, the work included environmental grab samples, drop down video transects, sub-bottom seismic profiling, side-scan sonar, bathymetry and magnetometer surveys on the Dogger Bank array site along the 220 kilometre export cable. This is thought to be the longest such cable route survey ever undertaken for an offshore wind farm.

The information collected will be analysed to build up a comprehensive picture of the seafloor and sub seafloor conditions, informing the need for further surveys, the final cable route, the landfall location and the most appropriate cable installation methodologies.



Construction will start with onshore civils works at the onshore converter station site adjacent to the Wilton Complex, near the village of Lazenby in Teesside.


Fabrication of the wind farm components, including: turbines, foundations, cables, will get underway in 2021 prior to offshore construction starting is 2023.

First power is due to be generated in 2024/25 and on the current schedule, the 1.4 GW wind farm would be fully operational by the end of 2026.



Aligned to the  Fishing Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group (FLOWW) best practice guidance, Sofia’s aim is to allow fishing to continue wherever possible.

Sofia’s approach is set out in the Fisheries Liaison Plan (FLP) detailing Sofia’s approach to consultation and liaison with the fishing industry.

For all mariner enquiries related to Sofia's offshore survey and construction activity, including vessel movements, please contact Precision Marine Survey Limited via email or telephone +44 1964 624423 and for fisheries stakeholders wishing to discuss commercial agreements please contact MacAlister Elliot via email or telephone +44 1590 679016.

Throughout the wind farm’s life-cycle, Sofia will utilise Notices to Mariners to communicate with the fisheries industry. Click below to see the latest notices.

Array Area Coordinates

Point Latitude (decimal degrees) Longitude (decimal degrees)
25 55.12443 2.14572
26 55.13002 2.21780
51 54.97070 2.50189
52 54.96096 2.48529
56 54.83864 2.27783
57 54.83862 2.26336
24 55.01111 1.95454


The health, safety and wellbeing of our project team and contractor personnel is our first priority. We have the highest safety standards and will ensure a positive safety culture is embedded within the project, implemented through focussed safety campaigns and continual reinforcement.

Safety starts at the top and Sofia's leadership will lead the way through a visible commitment to safety in all areas of the project both onshore and offshore.

Exemplary health, safety and wellbeing is vital to the successful construction, commissioning and operation of the wind farm.

Every day we are guided by the five key objectives of:

1. No incidents, accidents or injuries

2. The maintenance of a healthy workforce with no time lost to work related illness

3. No harm to the environment

4. No damage to assets

5. No damage to marine archaeology                                                     

To attain these high standards Sofia will deploy the Innogy Renewables UK Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.