Offshore wind teaching resources for primary schools

Developed by Spark Tees Valley on behalf of Tees Valley Education Trust and supported by Sofia, the resources on these pages provide primary school teachers with fun and interactive ways to educate their students about offshore wind.

Teacher resources for Years 3 to 6

Introductory videos

The resources start with three videos to be watched in conjunction with use of the Google Earth Voyager maps, teacher resources and class exercises. Narrated by Billy, the videos will give an introduction to Sofia and to offshore wind; an overview of why wind farms are built offshore, and finally a summary of how the power gets from the wind farm to the national grid.

Primary school video 1: Sofia, what's it all about? 

Primary school video 2: Why put it offshore?

Primary school video 3: Getting the power to shore

Teacher Resources

Year 3 / 4

Explore this Google Earth Voyager map to discover renewable energy projects from around the world, including offshore and onshore wind, solar and hydro-electricity..

Renewable energy resource for teachers: What is green energy? How is electricity generated from fuels? More questions, student activities and links for further information are included in this resource. 

Year 5

Explore this Google Earth Voyager map to discover low carbon energy projects from around the world, including offshore wind, solar and geo-thermal.

STEM boats teacher resource: This is a science session focussed on effective use of variable control when carrying out investigations. Using the ‘Post It’ method, pupils will identify the variables in a given context and develop an understanding of which ones to control and which ones to measure.

Links to all the 'Post It' resources are built into the resource although they can also be downloaded here:

  1. Post It Planner variable examples crib sheet
  2. Post It Planner variable examples PDF
  3. Post it Planner teacher help PDF version
  4. Post It Planner version for printing out
  5. Post It Planner on screen powerpoint version
Year 6

Explore this Google Earth Voyager map to discover more about the different parts of Sofia Offshore Wind Farm and how it will work once it is constructed.

Wind farm planning and development project teacher plan: This session will primarily teach students how a wind farm is developed and planned in a simplistic form. Children will employ skills acquired across their primary school years to demonstrate their digital literacy through film, presentation and data handling skills.

Students will use this constraints map and accompanying key to help their planning. Both can be printed out.

Additional notes for this wind farm planning exercise are available for teachers to provide extra background and ideas.

Sharing the outcomes

If teachers would like to share the outcome of their projects with Sofia they can email the team with feedback and photos to be published on a page on this website.