Building on existing engagement with the community, schools and North East businesses as we head towards construction


Sofia will continue to build on existing community engagement throughout the construction phase of the project.

As well as our skills & education, and local business activities detailed below, we have launched our Sofia Construction Community Fund to support community groups in East Cleveland through financial grants for local initiatives. 


A key focus for Sofia is skills and education as we aim to boost the skillsets and maximise career opportunities for local people, particuarly young people. Our aim is to raise awareness of the range of roles in the offshore wind sector and to encourage training and development so those people interested in the growing offshore wind sector are equipped to work with us, now and into the future.

We are an active participant of Energi Coast, North East England’s offshore wind cluster and we also engage with the wider local business community to ensure companies are well placed to compete for future contract opportunities, which will benefit the whole industry now and for many years to come.


Sofia is already linked with local schools, universities and service providers to deliver our supply chain plan commitments and meet our own additional education and skills related objectives.

We are working with Tees Valley Combined Authority and Teesside University to encourage young people to choose STEM subjects that could lead to a career in the growing offshore wind sector.

Plans are underway to apprenticeship programme for roles where there are identified skills shortages is planned to give local people a route to enter the offshore wind industry and the opportunity for a long-term career in a promising sector.


Through sponsorships, partnerships and in-kind assistance, Sofia has aligned itself with local organisations and groups to profile the project and its positive benefits while supporting the organisation’s own objectives. Team members have also taken part in events, often to provide updates on the project and its progress, which is especially relevant as we aim to raise local awareness of opportunities.