The Works

County Durham based full service marketing agency responsbile for Sofia's identity and online presence.

The Works

The Works is a full-service marketing agency with a skilled and dedicated team working on creative, brand, marketing and digital projects for clients across the UK. The company has an extensive experience of brand development, marketing, on and off-line advertising, design and website development.

County Durham-based The Works helps clients decide whether the right answer for them is in digital marketing, a traditional advertising campaign, printed marketing materials or a multimedia application; leveraging agency expertise and collective experience to deliver with confidence, on time and on budget.

Scope of work: The Works was contracted to provide creative, design and digital services to Sofia Offshore Wind Farm including the creative development of the Sofia logo, brand and subsequent brand guidelines. Following this, a suite of design templates for stationery and communications collateral was produced.

The development of a fully functional website with a searchable Supplier Registration Portal was an integral part of the work undertaken. The website provides up-to-date information to a number of stakeholders including suppliers, local communities, existing and potential contractors, industry bodies and the general public.

The Works continues to support Sofia with ongoing creative, design, internal and external communications and digital services.

Training and development: As The Works services with a wide range of clients in a number of sectors, it is important that the team is up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques, digital marketing skills and emerging trends. The Works is committed to on-going training to ensure the knowledge and skills of the team are relevant to their clients’ needs.


Sofia Offshore Wind Farm is an interesting website to work on as it integrates a bespoke members/supplier contract system which gives the ability to offer contract opportunities, case studies and supplier advice. The website also features an interactive google map to plot all the Sofia cable corridors, converter stations to help showcase their work both onshore and offshore.

Our relationship with Sofia is on-going, and as their projects develop, so does the capability of their website”.

- Tim Mather, Digital Director

 March 2021