Nortech Solutions Limited

Teesside-based firm providing multi-disciplined engineering and project/construction management services plus ongoing plant and maintenance operations for clients from a wide range of sectors.

Nortech Solutions Limited

Nortech Solutions Limited (NTS) is a privately owned, Teesside-based engineering services provider to local, national, and international clients. NTS offers offer multi-discipline engineering and project/construction management services to support multi-sector projects and ongoing plant and maintenance operations. Complementing its engineering and project management credentials NTS offers staffing solutions and recruitment services via an in-house team of recruitment specialists. NTS clients and business sectors include: oil & gas (upstream and downstream); petro-chemicals; chemicals; energy & power generation such as biomass, energy from waste, wind and nuclear; as well as water and other utility companies. 

Scope of work: NTS was engaged with Sofia via Sembcorp Energy UK, ‘landlords’ of the Wilton site where the project's onshore convertor station will be built. Prior to Sofia's on-site work getting underway, NTS worked closely with both Sofia and Sembcorp to prepare the greenfield site for the upcoming construction activities. NTS was responsible for the engineering and detailed design of the diversion and re-routing of existing buried piped utilities around the proposed converter station site. The existing piped utilities have been upgraded from ‘old’ cast iron and ductile iron pipework to a more appropriate high density polyethylene/ high performance polyethylene (plastic) pipe with associated approved valves and fittings.

Economic / employment impact: NTS was engaged at the height of the original lockdown in May 2020 with everyone mostly working remotely due to the government's Covid-19 restrictions. The project team was assembled and able to deliver the project via use of all the online meeting technologies: Zoom, Teams and Skype. When NTS staff did visit the site to undertake detailed surveys, social distancing guidelines and appropriate PPE were adopted. NTS implemented a ‘business as usual’ policy to maintain activity, economic and employment levels across the company. NTS' local knowledge of the area and inherent capabilities were put to good use throughout the implementation of the project. 

Training and development: Nortech Solutions Limited is an equal opportunities employer and supporter of local talent. Members of the 5percent Club, NTS actively engages young people as apprentices and graduates - many of whom have matured into highly qualified, skilled and capable engineers. The company prides itself on taking a young person with little or no technical skills, but a great deal of enthusiasm, and helping them grow into mature engineers. The NTS philosophy is to train and develop young engineers, pushing them just that little bit further to ensure they obtain their Masters or Chartered Engineer status.

"Nortech Solutions Limited delivers ‘best in class’ project management, engineering and staffing solutions to a wide range of industries. Teesside has a legacy and pool of talent with global experience across many sectors that we tap into to support our business and our clients' ambitions for success. We hope that the work undertaken by NTS on this project has placed us well to be able to support Sofia in future should the opportunity arise."

- Allan Cairns, Managing Director

February 2020