DJM Aerial Solutions

Teesside-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) service provider carrying out remote inspections of assets and developments, including the Sofia onshore converter station site next to Wilton International.

DJM Aerial Solutions

DJM Aerial Solutions is a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) service provider based in Teesside, providing remote inspection and survey of assets utilising high specification drones, otherwise known as UAVs.

Scope of work: DJM Aerial Solutions provides frequent topography surveys, monthly progress footage and time-lapse of the initial groundwork of Sofia's onshore converter station site, next to Wilton International near Lazenby Village in Teesside. The company will soon be commencing a similar scope of work to capture detail of the topography along the cable route from the Redcar coast through to the converter station site.

Economic and employment: DJM Aerial Solutions is using local companies to assist with specific deliverables where possible, allowing the team to concentrate on the UAV operation. The firm is also utilising local labour to assist on site when necessary. As the time-lapse part of the scope is a new service for DJM Aerial Solutions, it is enabling the firm to expand its offering to other clients and grow the business.

Training and development: The nature of the industry DJM Aerial Solutions operates in carries its own qualifications, which are required by law before any commercial work can be undertaken. This means that all employees need to undergo formal training prior to working onsite.

There are opportunities for new entrants and certain skills lend themselves well to the industry. Surveying professionals, or those with a background in mechanical engineering, are likely to have skills which cross over to both the inspection and survey side of the business.

"We are delighted to have been chosen for this contract within our immediate operational area, on such a notable project for Teesside, providing remote topography survey deliverables, progress footage and a new service offering for us… time-lapse of the site groundwork phase.

It has come as a welcome opportunity after a difficult period throughout the recent pandemic, and given us and our clients the ongoing confidence to understand we are able to provide the required outputs to the highest standard.

The new time-lapse service offering has allowed us to offer the same deliverables to other clients and, going forward into early next year, we are on track to offer further employment opportunities."

- Dan Maine, Company Director

September 2021