Cal Carey Photographer

Documenting the progress of the construction of Sofia's onshore infrastructure.

Cal Carey Photographer

Cal Carey is a professional photographer specialising in industrial, corporate, commercial and product photography. Based at his studio in Saltburn, Teesside, he is located close to Sofia's onshore works adjacent to the Wilton Complex.

Scope of work: Carrying out photo and video shoots of the onshore construction activities, people working onsite and project milestones. Key will be to document the progress of the onshore converter station and the onshore cable route with photographs that will be used for publicity, websites, reports, newsletters and other communications materials. The work will play a key role in documenting the project for future reference.

Economic and employment impact: This is a significant project for the creative services in Teesside, as it will present opportunities to carry out professional work right on the doorstep. This contract is a real boost to Cal Carey Photographer as well as to local drone service providers and fellow photographers who are also well positioned to gain work related to the project, either directly or via its suppliers also working onsite.

"I am delighted to be involved in this landmark project on Teesside, the contract with RWE is substantial and long term so it’s an ideal client win. I’m sure this will stand me in good stead to win more work as Teesside goes from strength to strength."

- Cal Carey Owner

August 2021