Arcus Consultancy Services Limited

Undertaking environmental studies and providing technical support for Sofia's onshore cable route from a North East base

Company summary: Arcus Consultancy Services Limited is a leading environmental, planning and engineering consultancy specialising in high profile and potentially sensitive developments, from renewable energy to water and waste. Our consented projects include some of the most significant renewable energy schemes in Europe and Africa. As a local company located in the North East, Arcus is able to adapt and react effectively to the project needs.

Scope of work: Arcus has played a key consents role for Sofia Offshore Wind Farm, undertaking environmental studies and provide technical support for the scheme’s onshore cable route.

Economic / employment impact: The Sofia project has had a positive impact on both employment and the economy notably during a period of economic uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Being locally situated Arcus was able to ensure all fieldwork continued efficiently (within government guidelines) and maintaining our own workforce at full capacity. During this challenging time, Arcus was able to provide employment for sub-consultants during the desk study, ornithology and reporting phases.

Both the Arcus Planning and Ecology teams have been involved within the fieldwork, reporting and project management aspects of the Sofia project with occasional contributions from other disciplines. A total of four ecologists, ranging from assistant to principal and two sub-consultants, were directly involved with the project, which has supplied a steady stream of work to the recently formed North East office, solidifying our presence within the renewable energy sector within the North East of England.

Training and development: Arcus values the skills and talents of their staff and where possible encourages development and career progression internally. Training needs are discussed regularly and when training, whether internal or external has value for the employee and the company we will invest times and resources into making this happen.

We also invest our resources in local students in the form of a Year in Industry program that helps those newly graduated to learn valuable skills from the highly experienced teams within our own workforce.

“By appointing Arcus, Sofia has acknowledged our specialist expertise, which now spans every stage of offshore wind energy development. It also shows Innogy’s commitment to supporting the local economy by using companies with strong North East links and with a passion about renewable energy developments.”

- Arcus’ North East Lead, Caroline Airson


July 2020