Careers in Engineering interview with structural engineer Amit Dey

Careers in the Curriculum - where can engineering take you?

As part of Tees Valley Combined Authority's (TVCA) Learn Live sessions, Sofia's Amit Dey, structural engineer with the project, was interviewed about his pathway into the sector, his role on one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world and the skills and personal qualities it takes to have a career like his.

In his role on Sofia, Amit looks particularly at the structural integrity of the project's 100 turbine foundations and its offshore converter platform. He has a degree in civil engineering, specialising in structural engineering, and journeyed through multiple sectors including oil & gas before arriving into offshore wind at RWE.

For potential engineers looking to get into a similar role Amit's interview provides an overview of the skills required which include: being an analytical thinker with strong problem solving capabilities, and in terms of studies, a strong understanding of both physics and mathematics are integral to the work.

The video interview he did was part of a wider webinar session run by TVCA called Learn Live, that invited young people and those looking for new careers to view interviews with engineering ask live questions related to the sector and engineering careers. 

There were almost 2000 live viewers of the session called: Careers in the Curriculum - where can engineering take you? - which was held on 3 November 2021. Amit's interview, and those from other engineers working across a range of sectors, is online can be viewed here as part of the Learn Live webinar.

To view just Amit's video you can click on the link here.