Teesside University engineering students meet Sofia

Introducing offshore wind careers to engineering students

Sofia Electrical Engineer Joe Weston gave Teesside University engineering students an insight into working with offshore wind when he spoke to them at a virtual event, part of a series run by the university to highlight career opportunities across numerous disciplines.

Teesside University engages with companies which employ engineers, and those from other disciplines, to give talks on industry-related topics, including about the career opportunities available to students and graduates such as internships and work placements.

Sofia is a complex engineering and technical project and so Joe’s presence was well received by the students who dialled in to the webinar to hear about the project, the types of careers it offers and routes into the offshore wind sector.

Teesside University Careers Advisor Saeed Muhammad said: “Joe delivered an exciting talk to our students, covering engineering careers available in the offshore wind industry, particularly those at Sofia and with the wider RWE.

“We had excellent attendance, and the talk received positive engagement from all our engineering students.”

Joe, who is local to the North East added: “It was great to see students taking such a high level of interest in the offshore wind industry and judging from the questions I received during the talk, there are many young people keen to enter the sector.”

Sofia has an ongoing Memorandum of Understanding with Teesside University with the aim, amongst other objectives, of developing a partnership that will help the project ensure that the necessary skills are available throughout the wind farm’s lifetime and that where feasible those skills are developed locally through partnership with the University.

More information on the engineering courses and degree apprenticeships available at Teesside University can be found here


February 2021