Sofia's virtual visit to Lakes Primary School

Local school children learn more about the project being built on their 'doorstep' and the types of careers it takes to make a wind farm project a reality.

Learning about offshore wind careers

Almost 350 Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students at Redcar's Lakes Primary School were enthralled when Sofia came to visit - virtually, via the big screen.

Sofia's STEM and skills experts Rich Hurst and Mike Cargill gave simultaneous presentations to students from both of the key stages, supporting the school with its aim of increasing children's awareness of different careers, with offshore wind being a key potential career option for the future.

The school's programme overall is looking is to build young people's understanding of the wide range of career options which are available to them, increase their resilience and self-esteem, and help them to see the purpose of their education.

Lakes Primary School's Becca Wallace said that: "It was lovely for the children to hear first-hand where their learning could lead them.

"Your presentation addressed every part of our curriculum from the science and technology surrounding wind farms, to the personal attributes we foster in our children such as resilience and creativity. Most importantly, it was invaluable for them to learn more about an industry which is so up-and-coming within their local area."

The primary school is located just 1.5 kilometres from Sofia's cable route, with construction due to start in the local area in the coming months.

The students drew some fabulous artwork of the wind farm after the talk (examples below).


April 2021