Sofia team at Freebrough Academy careers fair

A day-long careers fair involving almost 600 students across a range of age groups - from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Sessions throughout the day including afternoon slots for parents

Every Freebrough Academy class from Year 7 through to Year 11 had the chance to talk to local employers at the school's recent career fair.

Sofia was one of around 12 other local companies and organisations at the event, which was attended by around 600 students staggered in sessions across a full day.

There was also an afternoon drop-in session for parents and carers to find out more about career opportunities for the young people.

The aim was primarily to raise awareness of career and educational opportunities post-school for the students. It was also about raising aspirations and increasing the students' knowledge of how the subjects they are studying connect with a range of careers.

Kelly Gardner, Associate Assistant Principal said: "Our students gained so much knowledge from the experience and the conversations that they have engaged in have been invaluable. 

"There was a buzz in the academy on Friday and students are still talking about the fair today! I have absolutely loved hearing about their aspirations and their plans for their futures." 

The Sofia team - Graham Wright, Supply Chain Plan Manager and Rich Hurst, Education Consultant - spoke with more than 100 young people during the day and got a lot of value from answering the questions from students and talking about careers.

By attending the career fair Sofia is continuing its relationship with the school which is also participating in the Champions for Wind programme, which works with teachers to incorporate offshore wind and its career opportunities into their classrooms.

Dec 2022