Markse on a Mission

Sofia's funding will help the group continue with its catered social activities and provision of mental and wellbeing support, particularly for those struggling with isolation or issues related to poverty.

The organisation: Marske on a Mission was set up during the Covid-19 pandemic to help reduce loneliness and isolation in the community. Its original aim was to bring individuals in the community together to support each other and enrich lives, whilst tacking difficulties people faced during that period. After the pandemic, the group expanded wider to support the mental health and wellbeing of the children and families, and to address social needs and impacts of poverty through inclusion in groups, development of new friendships, and the provision of supportive forums to openly seek support and advice. Marske on a Mission works with young and old and has continued to grow, identifying individual needs and working with local business to also address issues around poverty. 

The initiative: The group provided soup socials during the cooler months and now will continue these sessions through into the warmer weather to maintain momentum and ensure local people - including families - have the chance for regular social interaction, with refreshments and the opportunity to seek support and advice, particularly if struggling with mental health or issues related to poverty. Those who are having difficulty feeding themselves and their children can also take advantage of the pantry which was started as a way of tackling food poverty. The fund will cover cooking equipment, refreshments, takeaway containers for meals, volunteer support and pantry supplies.

July 2023