Marske Litter Action

Using litter creatively to raise awareness of the need to care for the local environment and encourage a new generation of Marske Sea Guardians.

Creative workshops turning litter into lanterns and raise awareness of the marine environment

The organisation: Marske Litter Action is a group of local volunteers working together to keep Marske-by-the-Sea litter-free and to create positive change in the area. The organisation's aims include:

  • Organising regular litter picks at different locations around the village
  • Managing litter equipment cabinets where volunteers can access equipment at any time
  • Being advocates for sustainability and encouraging people to make small changes to reduce their use of single use plastic
  • Campaigning to stop sewage pollution on Marske beach
  • Working in partnership with other groups and organisations in the village to reduce litter; highlighting the negative impact of all forms of litter and promoting the aims of our organisation to reduce this impact.

Marske Litter Action organises groups of volunteers to work on specific projects according to their interests.

The initiative: Sofia's grant will fund a series of creative community workshops, which will culminate in a lantern parade in October (2022). Local artists will work with a number of groups - including schools, clubs and community organisations - to create lanterns which will be made from collected marine litter plus other sustainable materials such as willow and tissue. The community workshops, along with drop-in sessions, will be held in September. The outcome will be the parade, which will bring together the local community and participants, who will carry their lanterns in Valley Gardens at twilight - lighting the way as they process to the beach. The lanterns will be shaped as marine animals as a way of raising awareness of the impact people have on their environment, in particular on the oceans and marine animals. The project aims to engage people in conversations and activities that will change behaviour, encouraging them to look after local marine wildlife, take care of the environment and be responsible for their impact on it. The intention is that everyone who participates will become a Marske Sea Guardian.

Marske Littler Action is working in partnership with Marske Community Partnership (MCP) and Stellar Projects (local event producers) to realise this project.

June 2022