Havelock Park Residents Association

Bringing people together at a fun local event to create a platform for information sharing and resolving local issues.

Expanding the community bubble

The organisation: The Association works to bring the local community together and to help people out as needed, offering advice, support and practical help. Utilising events to bring people together and create forums for support, the members have hosted Christmas and Halloween events and summer fun days. The local green has been transformed into a community garden to hold events and activities.

The initiative: The funds for the Havelock Park Residents Association will support a weekend of activities at the newly refurbished community garden to bring people together after being in lockdown bubbles. As well as creating a forum for discussion and boosting local morale, the weekend will give people in need a platform to seek support such as food bank referrals. Beyond Housing, will be in attendance to help with accommodation advise and by giving people the opportunity to talk, it is hoped that local problems will be identified and steps taken towards solving them.

The grant will fund some fun activities such as inflatables, sensory play, a bubble performer and provision of snacks to encourage all ages to attend.


August 2021