Bridge2Bamboo at the Festival of Thrift

Bringing national participatory art project Bridge2Bamboo to Redcar to tie in with the annual Festival of Thrift. Professional artists will work with community groups and a local apprentice to design and create a sustainable bamboo structure that will be a focal point of the September 2021 event.

Building community bridges with bamboo

Bridge2bamboo is an ambitious community-focussed art initiative that has partnered with Redcar's annual flagship event Festival of Thrift to bring a national participatory public art project to the local area.

The inclusive project will draw on artistic and engineering expertise, and will centre around local residents designing, testing and building a large bamboo structure. Community groups, as well as a newly selected apprentice, will take part in a series of workshops and learn new skills to create a functional structure that will be a focal point of this year's Festival of Thrift, due to be held at Kirkleatham in September.

Community participants will co-design the structure and determine what its function will be at the festival and beyond - placing the possibilities in their hands. It will be up to the participants to decide what they make and may be anything from a community performance venue like a bandstand, a meeting space like a mini town hall or a young people’s hang out like a bus stop. The structure will be demountable and will go on to be in residence in one of the communities where it was made.

Project organisers, including Yorkshire-based artist/engineer Pete Guson, will engage with local groups to encourage skills sharing, raise aspirations, connect communities and build a legacy. 

As this is a nationwide initiative, it will also connect Redcar artists with national and international experts in the use of bamboo as a sustainable creative material, thereby transferring skills and helping the local arts community - one that has be heavily impacted over the past 18 months.


June 2021